Psychobilly Online: Not Dead Yet!

Due to server changes by my hosting company, Psychobilly Online was about to die after almost 20 years of existence - I simply didn't want to put much effort into something which is hardly getting used these days anyway.

When i announced the decision to let Psychobilly Online die, a handful of regular users started convincing me to keep it alive. So after all, i began migrating the ancient code and even started to get the page ready for the modern age, i.e. making it usable on mobile devices. You can see the result right here! The forum is now usable on smartphones and tablets as well. There's more improvements i've implemented, and even more to come! I'm also open for feature requests and you can report bugs on the forum, so log in and take a look.

If you want to support me, feel free to donate a few bucks to cover costs for server fees, SSL certificates and to compensate me for the time i could also spend getting drunk and doing drugs. Just click the PayPal button below!


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